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Nov 3, 2013 5:00pm PST
. >>> days after dianne feinstein spoke about reports on nsa spying on foreign leaders she spoke today about those who work in the agents. >> nsa -- i believe the nsa is filled with good people who do good things. the administration controls intelligence. the frame work is put together by the administration. it begins with -- >> on thursday dianne feinstein said she was opposed to gathering intelligence on foreign leaders. a day earlier she called to ask about a report that the u.s. was tapping her cell phone. said it was a grave brief of trust. >>> the application page for will go offline for four hours each night till the problems can be worked out. massachusetts launched in 2006 and today that governor discussed the national website's troubles. >> if the website is permanently flawed we have a serious problem but we have a roll out problem. 3, 4 weeks? it took us two years to get our website right in massachusetts. >> when it went live october 1 president obama and kathleen sebelius have appalls id for the failures -- apologized for the failures. there is a toll
Oct 29, 2013 5:00pm PDT
phone surveillance of european citizens. general keith alexander defended the nsa's intelligence data collecting. the nsa has been under fire this last week over reports of phone surveillance in europe. >>> california lieutenant governor gavin newsom and his wife are putting their support behind hillary clinton for a white house run. the newsom's today formally endorsed clinton. the newsom's say the former secretary of state has the best shot of breaking the glass ceiling and becoming the first woman president. the newsom's announcement comes a week before she is set to hit san francisco for two big appearances. >>> now at 6:00, bay area law enforcement are gearing up for the annual halloween sweep of registered sex offenders. but we'll tell you about the civil rights fight being waged to protect those sex offenders. >>> hundreds face off with sonoma sheriff's department. >>> the trick or treat tradition is just two days away and as your children get ready for halloween, police around the bay area are also preparing for their annual check of the region's registered sex offenders. good
Nov 4, 2013 5:00pm PST
the nsa to hold on to their telephone records from the fbi. a group appointed by the president but answering to congress. the fbi said losing that data could hamper terrorism investigations and they tapped into fiber lines to collect use of google and yahoo. >>> the opening of the great mega casino is tomorrow and with it comes concerns of traffic for the morning and evening commutes. ktvu's ken pritchett reports on trouble spots and what the chp is doing to prepare. >> reporter: the final touches were not confined just to the casino. on the streets that lead to it, crews painted fresh markings on new black top and hung new signs for a rush of traffic starting tomorrow morning but how much traffic? how bad will it be? >> we don't know. >> reporter: chp officer says extra officers will be on patrol for a wait and see proposition. >> what we are planning for is worse case scenario. >> the operators of the casino expect a big opening. >> i have got 3,000 slot machines. 144 table games, i expect them to fill up. >> reporter: heavy traffic could be a concern. tomorrow the chp will be lo
Oct 30, 2013 5:00pm PDT
small gains. >>> another day, more spying allegations against the nsa. this time, it involves two bay area tech giants. the "washington post" reporting the nsa broke into data centers belonging to google and yahoo. both companies responded saying they were unaware that those centers were being tapped by the nsa. but more allegations of u.s. spying on world leaders religious leaders. the newest claim, the nsa listening to calls at the vatican including during the papal conclave. this is the latest on the claim that the u.s. spied all over the world. >>> for almost 6 months a year, residents get no direct sunlight. in order to get their fix, they would have to take a cable car to the top of a hillside. now newly installed mirrors track the sun and are tilted to reflect the rays into the town square. the lack of sunlight isn't lost on the norwegian tourism authority. >> if people get sun, they will be more healthy and they will work better. >> if they get shade and shadow and darkness not so much. >> yeah. that's true. >> the mirrors were brought in by helicopter and cost $850,000. >>> i
Oct 28, 2013 5:00pm PDT
european diplomats came to washingtoned to demanding answers about nsa's spy. a spanish newspaper reported the nsa monitored 60 million phone calls there in one month. germany and france were also caught up in the nsa sweep. some european leaders say they should consider allowing the u.s. to track terrorist spendening. >> i think they have to make a clear distinction between fighting terrorist but not spying on france. >> the president feels strongly about making sure we are not just collecting information because we can but because we should. >> the white house surveillance programs are under review that should be completed by the end of this year. >>> new details about the deputy who shot and killed a boy in santa rosa. the officer's name and extensive background. that's coming up. >> the sky was black. the smoke was black. flames were huge. they were shooting out the floor of the building. >>> smoke blanketed much of san francisco's mission district this afternoon. a hand full of buildings go up in flames. female announcer: female announcer: when you see this truck, it means an
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5